Bonsai In Progress …

Juniper, Cascade Style


This cascading garden juniper was purchased in the Fall of 2001. The photo at right shows it just after being re-potted into a bonsai pot. No styling was done to the tree. It was allowed to grow for two years. Cascade 2002


In June of 2003, the first styling took place. All branches were cleaned of old needles and wired to the tips. In addition, any needles growing downward from the individual foliage pads were removed. The owner did not cut off any branches. Since this was his first attempt at styling a cascade, he was not quite sure where he wanted to go with the tree.

Cascade 2003


Since the tree was still not a pleasing “Cascade”, it was left to grow and fill out the foliage pads for another two years. Cascade 2005


Then in May of 2007, the tree was restyled again. While improved, something was missing.

Cascade 2007


In June of 2008, a major branch at the top right of the lower cascade was removed, opening up the wonderful curves of the lower cascading trunk. The lower cascade itself was rewired to tighten up the entire lower foliage mass. It now looks like a nice Cascade Bonsai.

Cascade 2008


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