Our 2017 Monthly Meeting Schedule:

Dan's Maple


January 20 - NO MEETING

February 13 - Lecture/Demo on Acacia Bonsai
Blank Space Blank Space with Hank Miller

March 15 - Lecture/Demo on Grafting Techniques
Blank Spacewith Dave Paris

March 23-26 - Plantasia 2017

April 19 - Lecture on Phoenix Grafting
Blank Spacewith Travis Schmitt

May 17 - Lecture on Maples
Blank Space*Greenhouse 10 - inside Botanical Gardens*
Blank Spacewith Dan Zak

June 3 - 4 - Annual Buffalo Bonsai Society Show
Blank Space at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens

June 7 - Styling Demo

July 22 - Annual Club Picnic
Blank SpaceErin Hickey is our hostess

August 16 - Bonsai Workshop- Bring your tree!

September 20 - Annual Club Auction

October 18 - Selecting Pots for Bonsai Trees
Blank Space with Will Hebert

November 15 - Celestial Planting
Blank Space with Paul Pearson

Blank SpaceOpen November Newsletter PDF

December 13 - Annual Christmas Dinner/Party
Blank Space

Monthly Meetings Held at 7:00PM
on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (Except for Jan, Jul. & Dec.) at
Botanical Gardens
2nd Floor - Administration Bldg.
2655 South Park Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14218

To get driving & parking directions and a membership application to our bonsai club in Buffalo, New York, please click on the link below.

Membership Application & Directions PDF