Tropical Bonsai


Because of the interest shown by many bonsai enthusiasts to keeping bonsai indoors, thereby enjoying this hobby year round, I am instituting this new monthly column.

First let me state my viewpoint on this subject. All plants are outdoor plants in their native regions. Therefore, you will never hear me use the term indoor bonsai. During our summer months we are able to grow tropical bonsai out of doors as we would any other bonsai. However, when the outside temperatures begin to drop to 50 degrees, our tropical bonsai can not remain outdoors any longer. Since they are native to warmer climes, we must then bring them indoors where the temperatures are more suitable. Hence the term (shudder) indoor bonsai. Some tropical bonsai enthusiasts keep them indoors all year but it is recommended that they should enjoy summer out of doors.

Some of the plants that are popular for this part of our hobby are:
Many Ficus varieties, Serrisa, Boxwood, Fukien Tea, Bougainvillea, Eugenia, Bahama Berry, Some Chinese Elm varieties, Some azalea varieties and countless others.

Tropical bonsai require care and maintenance somewhat different from our other bonsai. I will attempt to cover their monthly needs in this column.

Tropical Bonsai Tasks by Month:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in January:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in February:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in March:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in April:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in May:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in July:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in August:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in September:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in October:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in November:

Tropical Bonsai Tasks in December:

The links to the preceeding articles were excerpted from previous Buffalo Bonsai Society Newsletters and were written by one of our founding members, Dan Trzepacz.

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