Tropical Bonsai Tasks in May:


As the weather warms, we begin to think about moving our tropicals out of doors. These plants will benefit greatly from spending the summer out of doors and I highly recommend it. A summer outside will rejuvenate them in an environment close to their natural habitat. A word of caution: do not move them out until you are sure that the temperature, both day and night, will not go below 50 degrees. As with your other bonsai, the change from indoors to out should be gradual. Place them out of winds and do not subject them to strong sunlight all at once. A north or east exposure where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade is best to start for the first couple of weeks. Then gradually move them into full sun and afternoon shade. Once they are acclimated to the outdoors you may pot, trim, train or wire as you wish. I usually pot tropicals in late May. Include these trees in your regular fertilizing and watering schedule. As always, be on the lookout for insects and diseases.





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