Satsuki Azalea Notes, June:

The beginning of June is the peak of the flowering season for most satsuki azaleas.

Enjoy the flowering display of your third year cycle trees. As the flowers wilt and fade, remove them , cutting back beyond the ovary. This prevents the formation of seeds which drain the plant’s energy. Now begin to fertilize these trees so they regain their vigor and store energy for the potting that will take place next spring. Allow these trees to grow as vigorous as they can, until October, when you will do a first cycle pruning.

Satsuki azaleas experience a big flush of growth after flowering and water demands are greater. As with other bonsai, water adequately during hot, dry weather.

Continue to fertilize your first and second year cycle trees. Continue trimming and wiring your second cycle trees for shape and style. These will provide your flowering display for next year. Check your wires constantly as branches thicken rapidly at this time of the year.

As always, water adequately, check for pests and diseases, keep out weeds and turn your plants for even growth.
This is vacation time for azaleas. Let them grow and regain their strength.








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